Jameson Original – Why? Taste, that’s why.

digital, OOH, Radio, TV

Jameson has a rich heritage that dates right back to 1780. To remind us why Jameson has long been loved by people all over the world, we decided to tell some of the true stories from the extensive Jameson archive.


Taste underpins everything Jameson does. It’s the reason they triple distill, the reason they continue to innovate, the reason Jameson is the go-to whiskey pour of barmen all over the world and the reason it’s loved everywhere it goes.


In a market where a degree of taking oneself too seriously often prevails, we injected some much-needed, Irish attitude and spirit into our storytelling, to elevate our brand above the competition.


Our creative work has been highly successful in spreading the “Taste, That’s Why” message around the world. The campaign ran in multiple countries across the globe and is a great example of how a truly collaborative relationship results in outstanding creative. For more specific details on this campaign and to open a conversation on how we can help your brand or business, say hello. You’ll find us ready and waiting on hello.dublin@tbwa.com.

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