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We are the Disruption® company

We are the disruptors. Pursuing the new, different and never been done before. We fight for brave, bold, brilliant, and occasionally alliteration. We are a world-class agency that just happens to be based in Dublin. Backed by 323 agencies globally. We are TBWA\Dublin.

What do we mean by Disruption®?

Convention is for squares

We don't follow cultural and market conventions — we overturn them. We anticipate future trends to determine what could lift a brand higher, and then define a Disruption® platform to get them there. That means coming up with disruptive and unconventional ways of getting where you want to be. We are conversation starters, creative thinkers, change makers and craic havers.

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100 Voices

Our cultural research panel

How do you move people if you’re not ‘in touch’ with them? To help us navigate a sensitive world we’ve taken a radical step: speaking to people to help land our work in reality. Research shows the marketers’ view is often skewed, through human-centred research with our global panel we break that ‘empathy delusion’. (Source: The Empathy Delusion, by Reach Solutions)

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“By committing to human centred-ness we are Disruptive By Design”

Creativity is contagious

It ripples through culture and impacts change

We don’t believe there’s any magic formula for creativity. It’s all achieved from being eager and open-minded, learning from each other and having the innate ability to spot potential opportunities, honed over years of experience managing accounts for clients. From small scale social projects to fully integrated campaigns, we do it all.

Introducing ED\GE:

The Next Wave of Wellness

Backslash, TBWA's cultural intelligence unit, examines the future of wellness with the launch of their debut magazine, ED\GE. From sober beverages to sextech to death, the project unpacks the evolving $4.5 trillion dollar wellness industry by exploring their main shifts, pre-COVID and during COVID.

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Disruption® Live

Connecting at the speed of culture

Creating at the speed of culture requires a deep knowledge of exactly that. We need to be out there, living and observing the ever-changing world around us, every day. Disruption® Live is TBWA’s proprietary cultural engine; it’s an in-house system that identifies triggers in culture across the globe - triggers that are meaningful to our clients' brands here at home. And it occurs in real time. Disruption® Live could be a tweet, a PR stunt, a campaign, or even a brand new product. It could be anything really. As long as it keeps your brand relevant for your audience.

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“Don’t disrupt for the sake of it. Do it to make things better”


Our in-house culture engine

The worldwide TBWA collective has created its own cultural editorial unit - including a team of Irish spotters. Together, they actively monitor and distill streams of valuable insights from across the globe, tailoring them to help inform our clients’ strategies. Every day, different themed culture and news updates land in our mailboxes, and this allows us to inject relevant cultural input into every bit of our creative output.

Find out what Disruption® can do for your business

Let's disrupt together.

Fergal Behan
Managing Director
Paula Kelly
Head of Account Management
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