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100 Voices

A global panel that breaks us out of our own echo-chamber

Our agency is anchored in one simple principle: empathy. It’s a timeless North Star for ethics & effectiveness, no matter what changes around us. So, in a sensitive world that demands cultural astuteness we’ve taken a radical step: speaking to lots of people to land our work in reality.

Why does this matter?

Not all professional instincts are useful

Research shows people in marketing think differently to normal people, but assume everyone is just like them. It creates an ‘Empathy Delusion’. Because it’s our job to know what’s true we seek out different perspectives. The hint is in the name: 100 Voices, not just our own. (Source: The Empathy Delusion, by Reach Solutions)

A human-centred ‘tool’

A panel, an approach or a product?

Our first human-centred tool, 100 Voices, is a global panel of respondents, primed over months of engagement, to deliver articulate & honest responses to Design Thinking Exercises. We borrow the principles of empathy, ideation and iteration from Design Thinking, & staff this unit of our business with open-minded thinkers from behavioural and human sciences.

Watch ‘Is My Pandemic Burn-Out Real?’ Watch ‘Rejected By Healthcare’ Watch ‘When Purpose-Washing Doesn't Wash Anymore’

The only firm ground there is

Human perspectives of a humanitarian crisis

The global pandemic has raised the volume on every kind of human issue worldwide, seemingly overnight. Through 100 Voices we’ve been humbled, moved and informed by hundreds of conversations on the human experience of the pandemic. Across race, gender, culture & outlook we’re able to dial up in-country samples per task.

Watch ‘Are We All In This Together?’ Watch ‘Message From a Second Wave’ Watch ‘Influencers, Cancelled’ Watch ‘The Openness Privilege’ Watch ‘What if vaccination became a dating criteria?’

Unstoppable Connectors

Hear from people who move culture forward

Few issues are more loaded than ‘difference.’ To understand & represent it more sensitively we’ve been speaking to Unstoppable Connectors: talented creators, activists and ‘wayfinders’ who bridge divides with powerful expressions of identity in a changing world.

Watch Kestine Watch Sam Nominate an unstoppable connector Join 100 Voices

A toolkit for change

Product streams designed for denial breaking

This isn’t academic indulgence, it’s the primary way we are Disruptive by Design. With 100 Voices we achieve Texture at Speed and Scale. With that, we’ve developed a product suite that 100 Voices feeds into: everything from a toolkit for Behaviour Change, to qualitative measurement at scale and ‘glitch-hunting’ an experience so we can pull Disruption through to every touchpoint.

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