You’re Smarter than you think

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The Irish energy market is a competitive and cluttered space – as well as an ever-increasing number of providers, customers display a growing inclination to switch. As Ireland’s biggest energy provider, Electric Ireland sought to reassure their customer base that sticking with them wasn’t just the right decision – it was the smarter decision.


While lot of brands talk about being ‘Smart’, few back it up in a way that people can truly understand. Across Electric Ireland’s ‘Smarter than you think’ campaign, we demonstrated the multitude of advantages for being with Electric Ireland. So if you’re looking for great value, or better energy products and services you’ll always get a smarter solution with Electric Ireland.


Rather than demonstrating what ‘Smarter’ means in a scientific, futuristic context, we made it relatable and explained our relevance in everyday scenarios. Because, like our customers, we don’t have the answers to everything – but when it comes to energy, we’ve got smarter solutions and ideas than anyone else.


This campaign is currently live, call volumes are up and online sales are ahead of target.

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