The most unusual case – Why? Taste, that’s why.

We teamed up with Jameson Irish Whisky again to launch the first TV campaign in the UK in seven years. ‘The Case of the Most Unusual Case’ is the third instalment in the brand’s ‘Based on a True Story’ series, which kicked off earlier this year with ‘Scully Was to Blame’


The Jameson brand in the UK has aged with its consumers and is perceived to be a drink for dads. In order to create a sustainable future for the brand, we had to attract a younger audience. In order to do this we had to drive reappraisal by our target audience and make Jameson a brand for lads not dads.


We needed a story that the UK wouldn’t expect from Jameson, one that had none of the traditional cues of the brand. We discovered the story of the burglary while on a trip to South Africa and thought it was perfect for the UK. It’s recent, it’s true, it’s set in a great location and it’s full of great characters. It’s definitely unexpected.

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