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In 2011, Gerry Collins was one of the faces of Quit Phase 1. With smoking still high on the national agenda in 2013, an unfortunate case of serendipity would lead to one of the most powerful cessation campaigns ever seen.


Our message had been that 1 in 2 smokers would die as a result of a smoking related disease. But, with research showing that diagnosis and death would not enhance effectiveness of smoking cessation, our focus shifted toward Gerry and his feelings as he approached his death. Connecting with smokers on an emotional level as both he and those closest to him prepared for the inevitable was a more powerful prospect than anyone could have imagined.


Our task was to facilitate Gerry and his family, allowing them to tell their individual stories that connect to one overarching narrative. Giving authority to our 1 in 2 message, it highlighted the effect on one man and those closest to him. It lended itself to a deeper level of communication, made the campaign more real and personal, and ensured it hit home to anyone considering quitting smoking.


Approximately 1 in 2 of all Irish smokers made at least one quit attempt since the beginning of the campaign. The success of the campaign was so powerful that the core creative concept is now being used to great effect in the UK. For a more detailed conversation around these results, and what TBWA Dublin can do for you, get in touch at hello.dublin@tbwa.com

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