Jameson Caskmates – Why? Taste, that’s why.

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The wood makes the whiskey, or so they say. They also say you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. In our latest global campaign for Jameson Caskmates we have lived by these two sayings, to deliver a product campaign with real charm, wit and humour.


Every product in the Jameson portfolio is developed with one thing in mind – Taste. Born from a beautiful partnership with a local craft brewery, Jameson Caskmates is finished in beer barrels to impart all of the tasting notes of beer into the smoothest Irish Whiskey.


The product is different to any other on the market, but the organic way in which this innovation happened is the crux of our story.


We told a story of collaboration with an injection of Irish attitude and spirit, and supported it with a multi-channel campaign plan to successfully launch this new innovation into multiple markets globally. For more specific details on this campaign and to open a conversation on how we can help your brand or business, say hello. You’ll find us ready and waiting on hello.dublin@tbwa.com.

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