Domestic Violence

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Over 300,000 people in Ireland have experienced severe abuse by a partner. But no one talks about it. Our long-term ambition for this campaign is to raise awareness of the issue and ultimately, instigate a change in established societal behaviours so that we can all live in a safer Ireland.


When we witness domestic abuse, but ignore it, we leave a victim behind. Our campaign reflected this insight. All our creative work came from the witness’ point of view – so that no matter how you viewed, or encountered it, you were instantly immersed in the incidents and compelled to reflect on your involvement.


The campaign compelled people to see themselves not as passive bystanders but as witnesses, with a role to play. In film and radio moments of domestic abuse unfold around bystanders. Although conflicted, they come to recognise they’re witnesses.


174,909 visits to campaign site in one month
73% of viewers encouraged to take action
Over 80% of those who saw the campaign would encourage a victim to contact a helpline

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