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100 Voices

Have your voice heard.

100 Voices is a global panel of diverse people we talk to to better understand what matters & what’s changing. We use it to platform people who drive change & to listen to everyone: we’re told it’s ‘free therapy’. Lots of our projects are non-commercial, but when they’re paid, we pay :)

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What we do

What are you signing up for?

It’s always different, and participation is at your discretion. Sometimes it’s a 1:1 chat, sometimes it’s a group workshop with people from around the world, and sometimes it’s just a quick survey, but it is always thoughtful & personal. Our favourite compliment so far? ‘Thank you for asking me real questions.’

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Unstoppable Connectors

Do you bridge divides?

To help us understand & represent diversity more sensitively we’ve been speaking to Unstoppable Connectors: talented creators, activists and ‘wayfinders’ who bridge divides with powerful expressions of identity in a changing world. Are you one?

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