Keep on Believin’

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The attitudes towards banks suffered post-recession. Caution was the prevailing sentiment when it came to dealing with them. This was especially the case with first-time buyers, an audience we needed to connect with for Bank of Ireland mortgages. Our challenge was to stand out in a busy marketplace with a campaign that would enthuse buyers already faced with tough economic conditions and ongoing uncertainty over mortgage regulations laid down by the Central Bank.


The journey to becoming a homeowner can be a fraught one, full of highs and lows but with a thoroughly rewarding final destination. At some points in the journey, you just need a little extra belief – that the decisions you are making are the right ones, and that by keeping going you’ll get to where you want to be.


Rather than showing ideal houses and the final steps of home ownership, we looked at an overview of the journey and each point along the way – from saving to viewing to moving in and beyond. This showed that no matter how difficult things seemed, with some extra belief and a clever mortgage solution from Bank of Ireland, you were always moving closer to achieving your goal.


Every brand has both a final destination and a jouney to get there. If you enjoyed our work for Bank of Ireland, we can open up more about specific results for this campaign. Simply get in touch at and let’s start our journey together.

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